Oliver Kieran-Jones Joins ‘Glee’ Cast As NYADA Glee Club Leader


Glee is bringing another new face to the mix. I’ve learned that the Fox dramedy, known for breaking fresh talent, has cast young British actor Oliver Kieran-Jones in a recurring role. (The show tends to cast newcomers as recurring and then promote those whose characters pop to regulars.) Kieran-Jones will play the leader of the glee club at NYADA, which new student Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) is interested in joining. (With the rigorous training at NYADA, do other college glee clubs even stand a chance?!) With the addition of a glee club, the New York storyline of the show will now more closely resemble the one in Ohio where New Directions in currently picking up the pieces after their shocking loss at sectionals.

Kieren-Jones’ only previous U.S. TV credit was an arc on the Showtime/BBC comedy Episodes as assistant-turned-filmmaker Andrew. He has extensive stage credits in the U.K., including co-starring alongside Kevin Spacey in Richard II and alongside Ralph Fiennes in Julius Caesar. Kieren-Jones is a graduate of the prestigious LAMDA, which is a real-life, London version of NYADA. He is repped by UTA, UK’s United Agents and managed by Inspire Entertainment.


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    I love Oliver Kieran-Jones, Episodes was one of the only BBC 2 comedies I allowed myself to watch. And he was in...
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    Glee is bringing another new face to the mix. I’ve learned that the Fox dramedy, known for breaking fresh talent, has...